CCC Regulations

G Volleyball Rules

Procedure and Regulations

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All contests shall be governed by High School Federation Rules where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut

  1. A varsity match is won by the team that wins the best of five (5)
  2. Junior varsity games shall be played first with a match being won by the team that wins the best three (3) games.
  3. A top grade 18-panel leather ball shall be used for all contests, (e.g. Tachikara SV5W, Spalding T5000).
  4. It is recommended that two officials be assigned for all scheduled
  5. Junior varsity contests will begin no earlier than 3:30p.m. followed immediately by varsity games. Evening contests may be scheduled by mutual agreement of schools with JV contests starting no later than 6:00p.m.
  6. Four (4) divisions with eight (8) teams in each division – two (2) pods in each division (Patriot and Colonial); play teams in your pod twice and once in the other pod for a total of 10 divisional games. These games would be used to determine the divisional champs. There would be eight (8) divisional champs (4 from the Patriot Division and 4 from the Colonial Division).  Should teams end up with the identical records, divisional champ(s) would be
  • Rank the eight (8) teams in each division 1-8 based on a two (2) year record – current school year record and previous

-Schedule six (6) crossovers – 1 and 2 ranked teams play the other 1 and 2 ranked teams in the other divisions, 3 and 4 play the other 3 and 4 teams, 5 and 6 play the other 5 and 6 teams, 7 and 8 play the other 7 and 8 teams. Crossovers will be reviewed/adjusted on a two-year rotation to allow for a home & away setup. (Four of the south teams will have to play one opponent from the opposite pod for a second time).

  • Tie breaker to be used when ranking teams: a) Head to Head, b) Over-all record using the CCC scheduled contests, c) By
  • Schedule sixteen (16) contests for the following sports: B/G Soccer, G. Volleyball, B/G Basketball, Baseball, Softball
  • Schools will have the same four (4) open dates
  • Scheduler will need to announce the 1-8 rankings for each
  1. Selection of fourteen (14), all-conference players must be based on merit and total season’s effort. (Adopted 1/10/15)
  2. Division competition starts on the first date allowed by the CIAC and continues three (3) games per week until the eighteen game league schedule is complete. The last play date will be reserved for the rival game as scheduled by the league. The final open date will be the preceding play date (ex. Wednesday open date, Friday rival )
  3. Schools who charge admission should notify their opponents at the beginning of each

Format for selecting all-conference (Adopted 10/1/15):

  • Coaches would submit nominees to divisional coach advisors
  • Nomination form will be created and provided to coaches
  • Coaches will have an opportunity to discuss players
  • A numbered ballot will be provided to coaches for voting (1-14 in each division)
  • Coaches cannot vote for their own players
  • Each coach will vote for their top athletes (#1 being top choice and so on)
  • The top player gets 14 points
  • The top 14(from each division) will be named all-conference

(Revisions:  7/08/09 JT)

Reviewed:  10/2/09 BS 11/5/15, 6/19/17