CCC Regulations

Tennis Rules

TENNIS (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations

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A. All contests shall be governed by the U.S.L.T.A and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.
B. All dual matches will determine the winner is a best of two out of three set matches, using regular scoring with a twelve point tie breaker at 6-all.
C. Dual matches shall consist of four singles matches and three double matches with no repeats. (Except where a team cannot field ten individuals on its eligibility list). A minimum of ten players will be used in the varsity matches. Each match will count one point for a total of seven points. The team that has the highest score will be declared the winner of the dual meet.
D. Each coach must play his/her singles players and doubles teams in order of their true earned position on the team.
E. Match lineups for both singles and doubles will be presented to the opposing coach before a match of record will begin.
F. Forfeiture for lack of players must begin with the lowest ranking singles player and proceed in sequence to the next highest singles player. The same procedure will hold true for the doubles teams.
G. Once the line-ups have been submitted, the match is officially started.
H. Scoring of an interrupted match should commence at exactly the point where the match was called.
I. Interrupted matches that are continued at a later date must be played with the same line-up of players in their respective positions in the original match.
J. A 15 minute medical rest is permissible once per player, per match.
K. Play is continuous; players should not leave the courts at any time except between the 2nd and 3rd sets.
L. Coaching is allowed only by his/her high school coach.
M. Coaching is allowed only during rest periods, which include the switch over between odd games. Ninety (90) seconds is the time limit allowed for the switch over.
N. Spectators are not allowed on the court.
O. Encouragement of the players should be very limited; encouragement should be polite and sportsmanlike. Spectators should be reminded that the intent of the competition is to have the outcome of the match be determined by players on the court. Spectators can not be interactive with players involved in competition. In accordance with conventional tennis etiquette any input by spectators is absolutely disallowed.
P. The server must audibly announce game score before every service.
Q. In double play, either players of receiving team may make the service call. Coaches should so instruct their players.
R. Players may not appeal to any other persons in the event of disrupted call. Coaches will only be consulted on rule interpretations.
S. Player should trust calls made by opposing players, however, when a player believes they have received inaccurate calls he/she refer this matter to their coach. Both coaches would assess and determine the validity of the concerns.
T. Issues of footfalls or unsportsmanlike like conduct will be addressed by both coaches. Post determination the player in question will be addressed by their respective coach.
U. The coach should caution any of his/her players who are observed committing a footfall. If a player continues to foot fault, both coaches will observe and call points against him/her for same.
V. Flagrant, persistent, and bothersome unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any player should be brought to the attention of the coach whose player is at fault. Any notice of a second such occurrence by the offended coach, and this action will result in the loss of a game. The coach of the offending player can opt to suspend play, the results of which will result in one point for the offended team.
W. Tennis balls:
1. Each home team will furnish seven ( 7) cans of new USLTA approved tennis balls in a dual match.
X. Matches will begin no later than 3:45 p.m.
Y. All divisional teams will play each other once.
Z. Tennis schedule is set by divisional play (5 games) and 6 other matches scheduled by CCC. Additional matches up to 20 total can be arranged by coaches’ discretion.
AA. Players stepping up to serve must hold 2 balls so there is no interruption between 1st and 2nd serve.