CCC Regulations

G Swimming Rules

Procedures and Regulations

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  1. All contests shall be governed by High School Federation Rules where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference. “If the host team has an illegal diving facility, it is the host team’s responsibility to obtain an alternate diving site. If this is not done, the thirteen (13) diving points will be awarded on a forfeiture basis to the opposing team.” If a school is unable to secure an alternate diving facility, they may send a letter to their competing schools informing them that they do not have a diving team due to their lack of facility. This letter must be sent two weeks prior to the competition or a date that is set by the league. If this procedure is followed, no diving points are to be awarded at a home or away contest.
  2. A legible meet result sheet for swimming and diving shall be used for all dual meets. The meet sheet should include the first and last name of all individual competitors and the last name for all relay competitors. Host and visiting schools will email a copy of meet results to all CCC schools who they compete during the season.       These results should be provided within a timely manner (24 to 48 hours).
  3. Individual shall be limited to competition in four events as follows: Either two (2) individual events and two (2) relays or one (1) individual event and three (3) relays.
  4. Non-CCC teams of one may compete as non-scoring members in CCC meets.
  5. Meets will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays or as site availability permits. (October, 1992 Revision Committee).
  6. Starting time will be no later than 3:45p.m. except where non-school pools are used or there is mutual consent of the involved coaches.
  7. All teams will meet each other once within the same division.       There are three crossovers.
  8. Eight open dates – three to be committed to interdivisional meets.
  9. Selection of 42 all division swimmers/divers must be based on merit and a total season’s effort. While post-season divisional meets are allowed, they should be looked upon as just one other variable for making selection choices and not the sole basis. All conference teams will be determined prior to the CCC Dinner Meeting.
  10. Conference Meet Guidelines:
    1. Meet will follow a timed finals format. Twelve places will be scored where top 3 swimmers and 1 relay from each team will be allowed to score. Number of entries per team will be determined by host team and be contingent to facility, time constraints, size of teams. Although this may vary throughout divisions, the number of places and participants scoring will remain consistent throughout divisions.
    2. Divers could choose to do a 6-dive or 11-dive list. For each diver, 6 dives will be scored for the meet. Each team is still limited to entering 5 divers with a maximum of 3 scoring for each team. Divers competing with 11 dives will be asked to submit an additional diving sheet. This sheet will have 6 dives from their 11-dive sheet and will be used to determine a score which will be used in the meet results. These 6 dives must follow the 6-dive dual meet format.       This means that the first dive listed is the required dive for the week and the other 5 dives must be from at least 4 different categories. The diving order will be chosen randomly. Divers competing with only 6 dives will be finished after their 6th dive. The remaining divers will take a 5 minute break and then continue on with their final 5 dives. The required dive for the diving championship will be required dive for the week that the meet is held in. Diving forms are due 30 minutes before the start of the diving competition.
    3. The meet will be scored consistently between divisions, but will have no bearing on the overall divisional champion. A meet champion only will be determined.       This is to be consistent with other sports that have divisional championships.
    4. Participation of 1 and 2 person teams at the Conference Divisional Championships will be allowed whether or not the school they are from is a CCC school or not. The swimmers/divers on 1 and 2 person teams will swim in the same divisional meet as the team they practice and participate with (swimming or diving).

All-Conference Selection Process:

  1. An individual is limited to being selected All-Conference in at most 2 relays and 2 individual events or in 3 relays and 1 individual event.
  2. In each of the 4 divisions, the top 2 relays in each relay event and the top 2 swimmers and divers in each individual event will be designated All-Conference.
  3. The 2 divers in each division will be chosen by adding up each diver’s best dual meet score, state divisional meet score and state open score. The divers with the 2 highest totals in each division will be designated All-Conference.
  4. In each of the 4 divisions, the relays and the swimmers in each individual event will be chosen by examining best dual meet times, state divisional prelims and finals times and state open times. In each division, the 2 relays in each relay event and the 2 swimmers in each individual event with the best times will be designated All-Conference.

Reviewed: 10/2/09 BS

Updated: 5/17/10 BS 11/5/15; 6/9/16