CCC Regulations

Indoor Track Rules

INDOOR TRACK (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations

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a. Rules: High School Federation Rules shall govern all contests where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.

b. Order of Events: Unless otherwise published, the order of events shall be the same as the State (C.I.A.C.) order for that season.

c. Eligibility: Any athlete of a conference member school who has met the C.C.C. Championship Standard during the current C.I.A.C. Indoor Track season in a verifiable meet and is on the school’s C.I.A.C. Roster. Club Teams are not eligible for competition in the Championship meet.

d. Scoring: Eight (8) place scoring shall be used in the meet.

e. Entry Standard: The Coaches shall set individual event entry standards for the following season each year at the annual Indoor Track meeting. Failure to modify standards shall result in the previous year’s standard moving forward. At no point shall individual event standards exceed those of the Class S meet for that year.

f. Relay Teams: Each school shall be allowed 1 relay team per event, no 2nd or “B” teams shall be allowed. Relay seed times must be from the current season and may not include composite or projected times, unless the team has not run a relay during the season. In the event that a team has not run a relay during the season the coach may use the Class S standard or slower as a seed time. Coaches may put in a seed time slower than what their relay has run during the season.

g. Event Limitation: Events per athlete shall be the same as the C.I.A.C. state meets.

h. Starting Heights: In the Pole Vault and HJ starting Heights shall be set 6” below the entry standard. The Games committee may raise the starting height 6” if more than 20 athletes are entered in an event.

i. Long Jump and Shot Put: When more than 20 athletes are entered in the Shot Put or Long Jump the first legal jump or throw shall be measured for each athlete, after which only jumps or throws that meet the entry standard will be measured. When less than 20 athletes are entered all legal throws or jumps shall be measured.

j. Games Committee: The games committee shall consist of the Indoor Track Coaches Liaisons, The Meet Director, and Athletic Director(s) in charge of Indoor Track.

k. Jury of Appeals: The Jury of Appeals shall consist of The Meet Director, 1 coach from each geographic region selected by the Meet Director, and the Athletic Director(s) in charge of indoor track.

l. Facility Limitations: In the event that facility limitations make it impractical to follow these bylaws the Meet Director in consultation with the Games Committee shall have the power to make any alterations necessary to ensure a fair competition.

m. Officials: The Meet Director shall hire and supervise officials for the meet. Each school shall be required to provide 1 competent adult to act as an official should the need arise.

n. All-Conference Athlete status: The top three (3) athletes in each individual event and the top two (2) relay teams in each relay event from the Championship Meet will be nominated automatically. Additional nominations shall be voted on by the coaches present at the end-of-season meeting. Total nominations shall not exceed the number set by the C.C.C. A coach may choose to remove his/her athlete from the list of automatic nominations.

o. The Divisional Championship:Division Champions shall be named based on team performance at the CCC Championship Meet. The divisional scoring format will be 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place for each individual event in each division; just the top two teams will score in the relays in each division (5 and 3 points. ) Updated 3/31/16

All-Conference selection process:

Indoor track- top three individual events and top two relays are automatic selection

Revised: 12/2/10 M. Logan

Revised: 3/29/12 BS; 3/31/16