CCC Regulations

Golf Rules

GOLF (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations

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A. Matches shall be governed by the United States Golf Association regulations. Local club rules and related conference rules will supplement these regulations.
B. All matches shall be completed and scored after the first nine (9) holes.
C. All varsity and junior varsity dual matches consist of 10 players unless agreed upon beforehand (5 and 5 from each team). Approved 6/3/11
D. To maintain uniformity, the following stroke play format must be used:
a. Boys (from the regular men’s tees). Approved 6/5/15
b. Stroke play is to be used for all matches.
c. Each team will consist of a five (5) member team. The top four (4) scorers will be utilized to determine the winning team. The team with the lowest score will be deemed the winner. Ties will stay as ties.
E. Caddies, carts and caddie wagons are not allowed except for an agreement between the coaches involved, for medical reasons. (BOYS - Players may use distance measuring devices with established CIAC protocols indefinitely). Approved 6/5/15
F. Neither coaches nor individuals are allowed to accompany team members on the course.
G. The order of teeing off will be alphabetical and the host team will tee off last.
H. Continuous putting is encouraged in order to speed up play.
I. Any golfer smoking, chewing tobacco, using drugs or alcohol while competing on the golf course shall be disqualified. Golfer is not eligible to play in next match.
J. The coaches will respect and enforce any and all rule violations. If questions arise, the ruling of the club pro, will take precedence.
K. Misuse of player’s clubs or golfing equipment, i.e., throwing or breaking, will be subject to disqualification after review by the coaches.
L. If lightning should stop a match, the following procedure will be followed. After half an hour wait and if play cannot be resumed, the match will be postponed and completely replayed on a mutually acceptable date. The decision as to whether or not to continue play will be determined by a unanimous vote of the coaches involved.
M. Matches will be scheduled by mutual agreement of schools based upon availability of facilities. Schedules cannot be done more than a year in advance because of course availability.
N. Matches shall start no earlier than 3:00 p.m. unless by mutual consent of schools involved.
O. Boys’ - play own division twice, play other division once. Girls’ - Play twice within the division and two crossovers.
P. Tattered pants, painter pants, jeans, and non-collared shirts are not permitted in CCC golf matches. If in violation, the individual (s) will be disqualified for that match. Bermuda type shorts, with pockets, will be permitted for CCC golf matches.
Q. The host school must notify schools whenever a team is added to the original conference schedule. This must be done prior to the date of the contest.
R. All scores will be reported to the newspaper (i.e., Hartford Courant) by using team totals and will be reported by the host team.
S. In the interest of continuous play a player must pick up after fifteen (15) strokes on a hole. The following procedures will be followed for girls’ golf: After a double par is reached, the player will pick up and mark an "X" on the score card. On a par 3 if the ball is not in the hole within 6 shots, the player will mark an "X" then get assessed a 1 shot penalty so their score on that hole would be a 7. On a par 4, if not within 8 shots, mark an "X" then get assessed a 1 shot penalty for a 9. On a par 5, if not within 10 shots…the score would be counted as an 11. (Updated 2014)
T. If a team is unable to meet a scheduled tee time for matches i.e., vehicle traffic or breakdown, a courtesy call to the appropriate golf club is necessary. If no ncourtesy call is made; then the match should begin on