CCC Regulations

Basketball Rules

BASKETBALL (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations


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  1. All contests shall be governed by High School Federation Rules where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.
  2. It is strongly recommended that for varsity games the official scorer and timer of the Home Team be at least 21 years of age.
  3. A top grade leather ball that is approved by the CIAC and displays the proper federation logo will be used for all contests.
  4. It is recommended that all team playersremain in their team bench area during their contests.       Sub-varsity team members must be under the direct supervision of a coach when not participating in their contest.
  5. By mutual agreements, if both officials are assigned to work both varsity and junior varsity games, it is recommended that the varsity game be played first.
  6. Games will be scheduled primarilyon Tuesdays and Fridays.Adjustments to schedules may be made by mutual agreement if there is difficulty in scheduling a contest due to lack of available facilities or scheduling of officials.
  7. Starting timesfor contests are for the host team to determine. League policy suggestsFreshman – 3:45, Junior Varsity – 5:15 and Varsity – 7:00. Mutual agreements to schedule changes in time apply for weekend, makeup, or holiday contests. (Approved 3/12/15)
  8. Teams will play own division twice within their region and once with the other division in the region for 14 (or 15) or games. Teams will be scheduled 3 (or 4) crossovers in the other regions to complete an 18 game schedule. Two contests reserved for any other opponents scheduled by each individual school.
  9. Member schools will follow the Sportsmanship and Crowd Control Code established by the Executive Board of the Central Connecticut Conference.
  10. All Conference – 9 selections from 6 school divisions and 8 from 5 school divisions.

Format for selecting all conference (Adopted 11/5/15):

-          Coaches would submit nominees to divisional coach advisors

-          Nomination form will be created and provided to coaches

-          Coaches will have an opportunity to discuss players

-          A numbered ballot will be provided to coaches for voting (1-9 in 6 school divisions, 1-8 for same sports in 5 school divisions)

-          Coaches cannot vote for their own players

-          Each coach will vote for their top athletes (#1 being top choice and so on)

-          The top player gets 9 points (6 school divisions), 8 points (5 school divisions)

-          The top 9 or 8 depending on division) will be named all-conference

Revised: 12/3/09

Reviewed: 12/3/09 BS 11/5/15