Track and Field Rules

TRACK AND FIELD (Boys and Girls)
Procedures and Regulations


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TRACK AND FIELD (Boys and Girls)

Procedures and Regulations

  1. High School Federation Rules shall govern all contests where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.
  2. The host school must provide at least five capable adult officials to assist with the running of dual meets and seven for all double-dual meets.  Students and visiting coaches are not to serve as event officials.
  3. Double-dual meets shall be scored using 5 points, 3 points and 1 point for places one through three. Three running scores are necessary: Team A vs. B, A vs. C and B vs. C.
  4. An individual may participate in four (4) events in dual and double-dual meets.
  5. The host school must notify the visiting team(s) if hurdles are to be brought by them. A minimum of four (4) lanes of working hurdles is needed to run a meet.
  6. Limitations of competitors
    1. A maximum of five (5) competitors shall be designated as varsity in each field event. Other competitors shall be considered junior varsity.
    2. Each varsity athlete shall be given four (4) trials whereas junior varsity athletes shall be given only three (3) trials. There shall be no finals.
    3. In the lane races (100m, 200m, 400m and the high and intermediate hurdles), all varsity athletes shall compete head-to-head. Therefore, in dual meets there shall be a limit of three (3) varsity athletes from each school and in double-dual meets a limit of only two (2) varsity athletes. Only athletes in the varsity heat may score for their school.
    4. The only exception to subsections c and d above is if fully automatic timing (FAT) is used to time all heats and lanes. Then every effort should be employed to match opponents as evenly as possible.
  7. Running Events shall take precedence over field events in cases where an individual is participating in both events simultaneously.
  8. The javelin event shall be the first field event with all javelins being secured at its conclusion.
  9. The host school shall provide all visiting coaches with information concerning special rules and use of facilities well in advance of the meet (i.e. spike length, starting blocks, etc.)
  10. Take-off marks for the long and triple jumps shall accommodate all levels of jumpers entered.
  11. The “no false start” rule is in effect.
  12. Summary of all meet results shall be given to all visiting teams at the conclusion of the meet.  A legible copy is mandatory.
  13. Conference meets will be held on Tuesdays at opposite sites unless there is mutual agreement to hold a coed meet.
  14. Meet starting time should be as close to 3:30pm as is practical.
  15. All teams will meet each team once within the same division.  Teams in five team divisions will have one additional crossover meet scheduled by the conference scheduling committee.
  16. The host school must notify and receive approval from scheduled conference opponents whenever a team is added to the original conference schedule. This must be done prior to the date of the contest.
  17. The home team must provide at least six (6) sets of starting blocks for all C.C.C. meets.
  18. The divisional championship will be decided on a combination of both the dual-meet season as well as the divisional championship.  One (1) point will be given for each dual-meet victory plus one point for each team beaten in the divisional championship.  The divisional champion will be the team with the highest point total.  (approved 5/2011)


All-Conference selection process:


Outdoor track- top two individual events and top two relays automatic selection (54 maximum selections from each region for a total of 162).  (Adopted 11/5/15)


Reviewed:  10/23/09 BS

CCC Championship Entry Procedures and Limits:

  • There shall be three (3) C.C.C. championship meets held; one in each region (north, central and south).
    • Team scores shall be kept in two (2) manners:
      • An overall regional score of the 11 participating teams scoring 8 places.
      • A team score by Division (Blue and White) scoring 6 places.
  • Athletes may compete in only three (3) events.   Listing of an athlete on a relay card shall only count as an event if the individual reports to the clerk for participation in the relay.
  • Only one (1) relay team per event per school (no “B” teams).
  • Each team shall be entitled to enter two (2) athletes per event as automatic entrees. If a team enters more than two (2) athletes in a single event, ALL entered athletes must meet class S standards as listed below. Notwithstanding a team's right to enter 2 athletes in any event, coaches are reminded to only enter athletes capable of competing in a championship meet so as not to embarrass any athlete.  In track events, trials and finals shall be conducted for the 100M Dash and the 100M and 110M High Hurdle races
      • 8 or 9 athletes may advance to the finals depending on the number of running lanes on the track.
  • In field events, trials and finals shall be held with 9 athletes advancing to the finals in the following events:
    • The throwing events: Shot Put, Discus and Javelin
    • The horizontal jumps: the Long and Triple Jump.
    • Trials shall consist of 3 attempts and finals of an additional 3 attempts. Competitors shall be credited with their best performance whether it occurs in the trials or finals.
  • Entry marks: All hand-timed marks shall first be rounded up to the slower one-tenth of a second and then a conversion factor of +0.24 must be added prior to entering the athlete into the meet. (Example: a stopwatch hand time of 12.21 is rounded to 12.3 and then the correction factor of 0.24 is added and the time MUST be entered as 12.54. Likewise a stopwatch hand time of 5:34.54 would be rounded to 5:34.6 + 0.24 and entered as 5:34.84.)
  • The overall winner of the Division shall be determined on the basis of both dual-meet victories and the final standing in the Divisional Championship Meet as follows:
    • Each team shall receive one (1) point for each dual-meet victory in the “regular season” and one (1) point for each team in their division beaten in the Championship Meet.
    • The highest cumulative total shall be declared the Divisional Champion.