CCC Regulations

Gymnastics Rules

Procedures and Regulations

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  1. All contests shall be governed by High School Federation Rules where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.
  2. Six (6) participants per event for each school – top four (4) counts for team score.
  3. School facilities shall be available one half hour before meet time.
  4. Equipment for warm up given priority to visiting team.
  5. Order of events shall be Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor Exercise.
  6. A minimum of one rated official shall be used for all conference meets.
  7. Floor exercise mat shall be 40’ x 40’.
  8. A padded balance beam shall be used for competition.
  9. Uneven parallels shall have a minimum of fiberglass rails and any new technology approved by the National Association.
  10. Starting time on school evenings will be no later than 6:30pm. Starting times on Friday and Saturday will be no later than 7:00pm.
  11. The host school must notify and receive approval from scheduled conference opponents whenever a team is added to the original conference schedule. This must be done prior to the date of the contest.
  12. The top five (5) scores from the entire season will count towards the all-conference selections for a total of 24 selections.

All-Conference selection process:

Gymnastics – all conference selections will be based on the top five (5) scores from the entire season. Approved 3/29/2012

Reviewed: 10/21/09 BS

Revised: 3/29/12 BS