CCC Regulations

Football Rules

Procedures and Regulations

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  1. All contests shall be governed by High School Federation Rules where applicable and/or as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Central Connecticut Conference.
  2. Sub varsity contests shall be four (4) twelve minute quarters. (A.D. Meeting – 12/5/91).
  3. There will be a running clock in varsity contests anytime during the game if there is a 35 point or more point spread. Adopted 6/3/16
  4. Sideline seating is the responsibility of the home team. Unauthorized personnel shall be restricted from the sidelines and team area.
  5. The organization of pre-game and half time activities with the visiting school is the responsibility of the home team.
  6. A pre-season exchange of rosters by conference schools is mandatory. Rosters shall include the name, height, weight, class, number and color of home and away jersey of all players.
  7. Suggested pre-game checklist:       Officials, Arrangements (related groups), Special Seating, Camera Location, Dressing Facility, Introductions and Announcements, Pre-Game Activities, Half-Time Activity, Post-Game Activity, Game Security, Police, Faculty Aide, Sanitation Service, Chain Crew, Ticket Sales and Collection, Medical Coverage, and Ambulance.
  8. It is recommended that an electronic scoreboard be used as the official game timer (must be operated by a member of the Association of Football Officials for it to be official).
  9. Spring Practice – Follow C.I.A.C. Regulations.
  10. Sideline officials (chain crew) shall be three (3) adults for all varsity games.
  11. Official game ball – the offensive team has the preference to the kind of football to be used (shall be provided by that team if different than host school ball).
  12. All varsity, junior varsity, and freshman games shall be played at the same site with the same school, unless agreed upon prior to the game by both school’s athletic directors.
  13. All games with a given school shall be played on the same weekend (Thursday-Monday). Exception: last game of the season.
  14. Medical Services – refer to medical services section of these bylaws. It is recommended that an ambulance be present at all varsity football games.
  15. Football schedules are drafted on a two-year cycle and male enrollment numbers will be reviewed every two years prior to scheduling for the next cycle to maintain balance within the divisions.
  16. Selection of 192 all conference players must be based on merit and a total season’s effort. 30 selections from the divisions with five (5) schools and 36 selections from the divisions with six (6) schools.
  17. Preseason Practice: Follow the CIAC guidelines for the preseason practice schedule as it pertains to each specific school (spring practice/no spring practice). Regulations regarding contact/double-single session practices and time constraints should follow the CIAC format.
  18. Enter all outside scrimmages on the CIAC Eligibility Center. Coaches are permitted to scout/film their first opponent’s final outside scrimmage.Football scouting will be limited to the spectator area only (A.D. Committee 2-3-92) and between the 20 yard line and 20 yard line only. No scouting will be done from the end zone even if spectator seating is available. Scouts are allowed to film/video/CD a game between the 20 yard lines.
  19. Football coaches may exchange as many videos with other CCC coaches as desired.
  20. On a weekly basis, schools are required to submit an electronic copy of an unedited sideline view of that week’s game to an electronic data base which is accessible to all schools. Submission should be completed by 10am Saturday morning if playing on Friday night or 8pm Saturday evening if playing Saturday afternoon.       (Approved 12/3/15).
  21. If a CCC game ends in a tie score at the end of regulation time, a winner will be determined by using the CIAC Tie-Breaker Rule.
  22. If a home team has the technical ability and equipment to film their home games from the end zone, an “exact same” copy of the film will be made available to the opposing/visiting team at the end of the season upon request.  

A visiting team may film from the end zone, only with permission from the home team’s athletic director. A request from the visiting team, to film from the end zone, must be made prior to the date of the game. If permission is granted, the visiting team will provide an “exact same” copy of the end zone film/video/CD to the home team, at the end of the season upon request.

  1. It is considered unethical for any CCC football coach to distribute any CCC game film to an “outside of the CCC” team unless requested to by the CIAC (CIAC playoff game film exchange mandates).

All CCC coaches are expected to demonstrate their loyalty to our conference and professionalism by denying any and all requests for CCC football game films at any time from outside the conference teams.

Contest Guidelines:


  1. Games will be played on Friday afternoon/night or Saturday.
    1. Night games will start no later than 7:30 p.m. Saturday games will start no earlier than 10:30 a.m.
  2. All teams will play each other once within the same division.
    1. In Divisions I and III – each team will play all five interdivisional opponents.
    2. In Division II – each team will play four interdivisional opponents scheduled on a rotating basis.
    3. The tenth opponent may be scheduled as a traditional Thanksgiving contest of a schools choice or with a non-divisional school. The league will schedule an additional non-divisional contest for teams that play a divisional rival on Thanksgiving. These league scheduled non-divisional contests will not schedule a Division I team against a Division III Team. (Note: This starts with the 2017 season).

Junior Varsity

  1. JV games will be played either Friday afternoon, Saturday morning or Monday afternoon.
  2. All teams will follow the varsity schedule except in cases where the varsity opponent has no junior varsity team. The league will schedule an appropriate opponent.
  3. Saturday games will start no earlier than 9:30 a.m. Monday afternoon games will start no later than 3:45 p.m. (no later than 3:00 p.m. after daylight savings time).


  1. By mutual agreement of coaches, freshman games will be played either Thursday or Friday.
  2. Freshman teams will play the same opponent as the varsity team each week except in cases where the varsity opponent has no freshman team. The conference may schedule an alternate opponent to accommodate schools without a freshman team. (Revisions: 7/08/09 JT)
  3. Games will begin no later than 3:45 p.m. (after daylight saving time, no later than 3:00 p.m.

All-Conference Selection Process:

1. The number of all conference players from each team depends on what place a team finishes within their division

2. Coaches will determine who from their team deserves all conference.

3. In the event of a tie between two or more schools, the total number of selections for those positions are divided equally by the number of schools involved in the tie (refer to chart below).

Place Finish Within Division (6) Div. II


Number of All Conference Players
1 9
2 8
3 7
4 5
5 4


Total 36 players x 2 (East & West) = 72


Place Finish Within Division (5) Div. I & III East/West Number of All Conference Players
1 9
2 7
3 6
4 5


Total 30 players x 4 Divisions = 120


*Voted on by coaches 1/27/11, by AD’s on 2/3/11, Revised 11/30/12 (Total number = 192)

Revised: 6/10/09

Reviewed 10/2/09 BS 11/5/15