CCC Regulations

Cross Country Rules

Men and Women
Procedures and Regulations

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  1. National Federation of State High School Associations Rules shall govern all contests as amended by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and/or the Central Connecticut Conference where applicable.
  2. Member schools shall set their courses two weeks prior to their first meet. This course shall not be changed during the duration of the schedule for that season except for extenuating circumstances.
  3. When courses are established for the season, maps of said courses shall be sent to all divisional coaches. These maps shall show:
    1. The starting and finishing line(s)
    2. All course turns
    3. The running surfaces
    4. The course length and course record(s) should be annotated for purposes of comparison of the difficulty of the course.
  4. A starting implement (gun, horn, whistle etc.) of sufficient volume so that it is clearly audible to all competitors shall start all conference races.
  5. Directions on the course shall be clearly marked from start to the finish.
  6. The host school is responsible for all meet arrangements.
  7. It is recommended that an adult official other than the coaches be assigned as the finish-line judge to determine order of finish whenever possible.
  8. Teams not listed on the conference schedule shall be included in conference meets only by mutual agreement of the coaches.
  9. Course length shall be set as close to 5,000 meters as possible.
  10. The host school’s coach shall distribute meet results to all participating schools by the next school day.
  11. Dual meet races:
    1. Are expected to begin between 4:00 and 4:30PM
    2. All teams should attempt to arrive at the race site as early as possible.
    3. Team starting order (men or women) shall be the same as the State Open starting order unless by coaches’ mutual consent.
    4. Every effort should be made to communicate to the host school’s coach if a delay should occur.
  12. All teams must score against their divisional opponents at least once per season.
  13. Each team runs against own division once. In the 5 team divisions – one crossover for one tri-meet. In the 6 team divisions – 5 dual meets and no crossovers. (Adopted 8/2015)
  14. The season ending divisional meet will be scheduled on a specific date and will be part of the approved divisional schedule.
    1. If a team fails to compete, they will forfeit a win to each of their opponents.
    2. The initial race at the divisional championship will commence at 3:00PM if four races are scheduled.
    3. Varsity races are limited to seven runners per team
  15. The divisional team championship is determined on the basis of one point for each dual meet victory plus one point for each divisional team victory in the divisional championship.
  16. The sixty (60) Cross Country All-Conference selections shall be in accordance with the following procedure:
  1. The top seven (7) finishers from each division shall be automatic selections for All-Conference. (This would account for 42 athletes – 6 divisions x 7 finishers.)
  2. The remaining eighteen (18) spots shall be awarded to the 18 fastest overall finishers not selected by the step #1 regardless of division. (60 selections for both male and female.) Adopted 12/3/15
    1. All divisional schools should be notified in writing by this date by the appropriate Athletic Director of the intent not to participate in any meets by their men’s and/or women’s team(s).
    2. No runner may run for that school in a conference meet.
    3. If subsequent to a “no score” meet the team should have one or more runners and wish to compete, then previous team no scores shall retroactively revert to a forfeit (as per rule P section b and c
  1. Dual meet scoring shall be in accordance with National Federation rules (Rule 9 Section 2 Articles 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6) as clarified:
    1. For teams having 5 or more runners, the team score shall be the sum of the places of finish of the top five runners for each school. Displacement scoring may occur through the number seven finisher of either team (NF Rule 9-2-1 and 9-2-2).
    2. For incomplete teams (teams having one to four runners), the team score shall be considered a forfeit.
    3. The score of a forfeited dual meet shall be 15-50 (NF Rule 9-6).
    4. For teams declaring in writing to the conference secretary by one week prior to the first official CIAC approved contest date that they have “No Team”, no team score shall be kept, in effect deleting that team from the schedule.

Reviewed: 11/7/13 BS, 11/5/15